“Worm” is not walking all over the planet

In the United States since the center of the only remaining century started to tame nightcrawlers “savages”, and afterward reproduced “pure blood” called California half breed, described by intemperance and fruitfulness. From the humus eaten by them it turns out nearly the most valuable common manure for plants, called” vermicompost “or”vermicompost”. From fertilizer, it contrasts positively and immaculateness with no hatchlings and pathogens, scentless, delicate and free, doesn’t solidify, doesn’t consume the foundations of plants.

In ongoing decades, notwithstanding the Americans and the British, the development of worms diverted in different nations of Western and Eastern Europe, just as in Japan, China, India, Russia. However, while this is finished by researchers, representatives of research focuses and maybe the most “developed” nursery workers plant specialists. Produce the vermicompost in restricted scale – a couple of firms.

Figures, convincingly supported it, the adequacy of vermicompost (10-20 times contrasted with excrement), the straightforwardness and speed of its creation (by “interesting” innovation that gives 300% productivity and boundless interest in the market). The announced speed of proliferation of reproducing worms at all struck-in 1,5 thousand times each year!

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