Why Organic Vegetable Gardening?

Growing delicious, fresh vegetables doesn’t require chemical fertilizers or dangerous pesticides. Organic vegetable gardening is easy and very rewarding. An organic garden can give you a steady supply of tasty vegetables, help you stay fit, and help you relax.

Why choose organic vegetable gardening? The first, and most important reason to garden organically, is protecting your own health and your family’s health.  Organically grown vegetables are free from chemical residues that can build up in your body.  We don’t know the long term effects of some of these chemicals, and many others have been proven to cause major health problems.

Organic vegetables grown in organic soil may have a higher percentage of vitamins and nutrients. Studies have shown that there is higher vitamin C in leafy greens, potatoes, and oranges that are grown organically. Organic fertilizers help plants to take in trace minerals our bodies need.

 Gardening organically means you work with the whole cycle.  You plant the seeds, harvest the vegetables or flowers, collect the seeds, compost the remains, and start again.  You’re providing the soil with nutrients and feeding people, birds, and insects. All while protecting the environment and increasing your own health. Gardening is relaxing and has been shown to help reduce stress levels.

 Gardening organically also offers the opportunity to grow amazing varieties of vegetables. From modern varieties to traditional, heirloo, varieties, you’ll be able to choose from an unbelievable variety of fruits and vegetables you’ll never see in a store.  Rather than choosing varities for how tough they are and how far they can be shipped, you can choose the tastiest varieties.  There is a reason you remember better-tasting tomatoes from when you were a kid – the older varities were often more flavorful than the supermarket rocks that pass as tomatoes today.

Organic vegetable gardening is also easier in the long run. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants that are naturally resistant to disease and pests.  Healthier plants will grow bigger and cast shade on their roots which means less watering.  Good soil will also retain water better and that also means less watering.  Bigger plants will also help to choke out the weeds so you can relax and enjoy your garden.

Composting your kitchen waste and garden scraps also helps to protect the environment and build healthy soil. Reusing these items keeps them from being burned or added to a landfill where they don’t have a chance to decompose.

Some varieties of flowers are edible if you grow them without chemicals.  Add a special touch to your salad presentation with nasturtiums or brilliantly-colored pansies.  Your salads will look like they came from a gourmet restaurant!

Gardening without the use of chemicals can give you healthier plants and save you time.  Healthier plants can mean tastier and healthier vegetables that thrive with less water and have fewer pest problems.  Give organic vegetable gardening a try for tastier vegetables and feel good about helping yourself and the earth.

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