The Food4Wealth Garden: Easiest Gardening Method Ever?

food4wealth systemI just finished reading the Food4Wealth 8 hour garden book (all 98 pages!). I have been reading just about everything I can get my hands on about gardening for over 30 years (yes, I was an odd child, LOL). This method is new and makes so much sense. To my surprise, it is a very well-thought out system that incorporates a number of proven gardening techniques to create a whole new method that takes away most of the work of gardening.

The author, Jonathan White, is an Australian horticulturist and plant-scientist with more than 20 years of experience and garden testing under his belt. This is a science-based method that has been tested – not just some hokey plan to sell some books. He teaches us how to take advantage of nature instead of fighting against it. Very smart.

Seriously, this could be the easiest garden method I have ever seen. There is no digging required. No weeding. No need for chemical fertilizers. You only have to build one raised bed if you wish – and that is optional! It is not the same thing as traditional organic gardening – that is very work intensive.

Due to the unique planting design, there is very little maintenance once the garden is established. This is particularly important to me this year since I have my hands pretty full with my businesses, my family obligations, and some new projects I have taken on this year. I am so looking forward to an easier garden plan that won’t require crazy amounts of my time.

This is even easier than square foot gardening – which I have been practicing for years. I am convinced that this method will make my garden more productive than ever. We have a pretty rough climate here in the Rocky Mountains. We are 4,500 feet above sea level. The summer days are long, dry and hot, the winters are cold, dry and harsh. Wind is a constant issue – drying out our garden.

Some of my square foot gardening boxes were too shallow to keep our plants moist in the heat of our drought this past summer. Despite my best efforts (and a lot of money into garden box soil mix) daily watering was not enough for many of our veggies. Since I already have the investment in these boxes I just plan to stack them this year so they are twice as deep. But, that will reduce our available space so I am going to put in a sizeable Food4Wealth garden as well. Since it is not a big investment of time or money, I can easily add about 4 times as much garden space for what I paid for two garden boxes with soil mix last year.

With the Food4Wealth 8 Hour Garden I believe we’ll have a much better yield this summer. The soil method is much cheaper than the garden box mix used in Square Foot Gardening. It also contains more organic matter that will hold onto moisture better, and the plant spacing recommendations will help to shield the soil.

One of the reasons this method is so appealing to me is that the author focuses a lot of attention on retaining soil structure. Most people don’t think about soil structure at all, but it is vitally important in how your plants get nutrition and water from the soil. As a garden plot matures, soil becomes a living community that helps to make nutrients more available to the roots of your plants. Beneficial bacteria, fungi and insects such as worms all work together to create healthy soil. When you dig that soil up, you are destroying the community and it takes time to rebuild.

In a moist climate, that rebuilding process happens faster. Here in the desert, that rebuilding takes a lot longer. The Food4Wealth program takes advantage of a method I have used before – in fact I used a similar method to turn my Virginia townhouse front yard into a thriving flower and vegetable garden without ANY digging. However, I learned some new tricks in this book.

I had not really found the old soil-building method practical for vegetable gardening in my Utah climate. With a few new tips and tricks though, I am ready to launch my new spring garden that looks to be the easiest garden I have ever created. If you are looking for a super easy method to grow as much food as your family can eat, check this book out. It comes with project planning sheets, materials lists, and videos to help you get started as simply as possible.

Be sure to check back to see my results over the summer. I’d love to hear from you about how Food4Wealth works out for you as well. Oh, and it comes with a money-back guarantee so you can return it if you decide it is not right for you.

You can check it out here: Food4Wealth 8 Hour Garden

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