Spring Gardening Discussion – How early do you plant?

wall of water plant protectorsTo tell the truth, I am not always on top of my early spring gardening. Here in Utah it is often still snowing in mid-March, and even mid-April or May, even in June! This year I am so proud of myself, I have kale, collard greens, potatoes and peas all planted. Carrots, beets, radishes and lettuce are seeded, but not yet poking up their tiny sprouts. I even got the first three tomato plants in. This is a bit risky here in the cold Rocky Mountain region. Our last frost date is mid-May, but we often get a last gasp from winter in late May with a deep frost!

So, I set out a few Wall of Water plant protectors and put out the first few plants already. I know it is risk, but I am determined to get some early tomatoes this year. I got spoiled on good tomatoes the last few years and I am just sick of nasty supermarket tomatoes (if you can call them that!). You can see in the photo that 3 of them are faded from being on their 4th season in the garden – the others are new. What a bargain for season extenders that last so long!

So, I was wondering what all of you do for spring. How early do you plant and where do you live?

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2 Responses to “Spring Gardening Discussion – How early do you plant?”

  1. MelAnn says:

    Gardening is so not my thing. I don’t even have a houseplant. I kill them. I have a black thumb. In spite of that… when I have a place of my own, I do hope to have raised beds for growing herbs and vegetables. So I hope to be planting next Spring. I am good friends with someone who knows all about the ag conditions in this area and I imagine I will plan when he tells me to. This year, I know he says to wait til after next week and then we should be okay. So, we will see (Texas Panhandle.) I do follow your blog because of my interest in moving in this direction… I would very much like to change the color of my thumb! hehe!

    • Julie says:

      I have killed more than my share of houseplants and garden plants over the years. Keep at it – you’ll find that green thumb after all!

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