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Preparing a Butterfly Garden

Preparing a butterfly garden is simple if you learn some of the basics. We’re going to look at how to go about creating a garden that is perfect for butterflies.  The perfect butterfly garden must be good at of attracting butterflies, keeping them in your garden, and making the environment friendly for them to breed. […]

Butterflies of North America

The butterflies of North America are a varied bunch – there are many species that inhabit this vast continent.  There are several hundred known species of butterfly that live in North America, while only a few are well known.  These beautiful and fascinating creatures are a delight for the eyes – and their variety is stunning.  The monarch […]

Butterfly Garden Plants

Butterfly garden plants are the plants that butterflies like to lay their eggs on.  These are the plants that caterpillars feed off of while they’re growing, and may also provide a place for the caterpillars to make their cocoons. If you are planning a butterfly garden, these are the plants you will need. These butterfly garden […]

Planning a Butterfly Garden

If you are planning a butterfly garden this year, these tips will help you attract the beautiful creatures to your garden. If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, it is important to provide the environment gives them everything they need. You’ll need to provide plants that the caterpillars can use, food for the adult butterflies, and […]