Attracting Birds to Your Garden

unique bird feeder

Attracting birds in the garden can be a wonderful way to reduce insects and add color, sounds and life to your garden. You don’t need to build a unique bird feeder like this one, but you can take simple steps to attract these beautiful creatures. With wild birds losing more and more habitat every year, gardeners can make a real difference by providing a safe and attractive place for birds to eat, bathe, and even raise a family. Attracting birds to your garden is quite easy. With a little bit of knowledge, you can learn to attract birds of different varieties.

The first consideration, of course, is food. Birds are always looking for food since they have very high metabolism (ever seen a fat chickadee?). While they are raising babies, they need even more food to fill those little mouths. In winter, they must eat enough to keep their energy up and to keep their bodies warm. Learn what foods your favorite birds like and you can set out bird feeders specifically for their needs.

Some birds like seeds, others like bugs, and still others prefer flowers or nectar feeders. Bird also eat in different ways. Some like to perch on the side of mesh feeder and eat tiny thistle seeds. Some birds prefer to have a solid perch for their meals. Provide a variety of foods and perches to get the best variety of birds for your area. Position the feeders where your bird friends will have some cover so they do not become prey to hawks and other opportunists. Of course, you’ll also want to be sure the buffet is set out where you can see it clearly from the window or the porch.

Water is important for birds all year, but in winter it is often scarce when temperatures drop below freezing. Dripping water attracts many birds, so you may want to set up a small drip fountain into a bird bath or other water source. Bird baths will attract many species as well. Nothing is more fun than watching a group of birds bathing!

Bird houses are important for those birds who want to raise their young in your garden. Again, a bit of research will make a big difference here. Each species of birds has their own preferences for the size, shape and opening of their nest boxes. Many species prefer to build their own – and you can provide some building materials. In the spring, set out bits of string and human or dog hair for birds to line their nests. Provide some undisturbed areas for nesting as well. A few less-traveled areas of your garden can go without pruning or grass cutting to allow room for birds to nest in bushes, trees or even grassy areas.

Be extra careful about pesticides and other toxins in the garden. Not only are they very bad for you, they are deadly to┬ábirds. Their bodies are tiny and their livers are sensitive. Even a few bugs soaked in poison will kill them or cause them to have trouble raising a family. The songbird population has dwindled from it’s former nu

With these simple tips you can create a wonderland for birds in your yard. You’ll enjoy their bug-catching talents and they’ll love having a safe place to go wild.

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