Gardening it Easy came ab0ut in my quest to find easier gardening methods for my mom, who suffers from arthritis. I soon found that what worked for her was also easier and better for me. In addition to general gardening articles, I post about cool items I find that make gardening easier for all of us. From raised beds to square foot gardening, from ergonomic tools to compost tumblers, easier and more efficient gardening is my goal. Now, as my toddler begins to show an interest in the garden, I am finding that these methods work just as well for her. My mom’s gardening legacy is shown in my daughter’s love of plants, rocks, dirt, birds and nature in general. I love to see her waving at the trees, cause she thinks their leaves shaking in the wind is the trees waving at her. What joy a garden brings – and how much our children need the physical and spiritual gifts of the garden.

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