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Gardening Through Droughts and Dry Weather

Last summer gardens all over the country were hit hard (as were farms!) by the severe drought that parched much of the country. Utah was no exception, with dry days stretching into weeks as fires burned on locations all around our little property. Gardening through a drought is not easy – those hot dry days […]

Grow Potatoes in Straw in Towers or Boxes

Raising potatoes is something I have skipped most years due to limited garden space. However, this year I decided to take advantage of an old gardening trick I had almost forgotten about. I first read about raising potatoes in straw many years ago in a Mother Earth News article. (Doesn’t every 10 year old read […]

Spring Gardening Discussion – How early do you plant?

To tell the truth, I am not always on top of my early spring gardening. Here in Utah it is often still snowing in mid-March, and even mid-April or May, even in June! This year I am so proud of myself, I have kale, collard greens, potatoes and peas all planted. Carrots, beets, radishes and […]

Do Chickens Need Heat in Winter?

In the past when I have had chickens I have always given them some heat for the winter. Usually a heat lamp burning in one corner of the coop so they can warm up if needed. Now I am not so sure whether that is a good idea. We live in a pretty cold climate, […]

Choosing Baby Chicks for Your Backyard Coop

The easiest way to get started with a backyard coop is by choosing baby chicks. Well, the easiest part is raising them – choosing is not always easy. There are dozens of breeds of chickens and they are all so different. You can choose bantams (smaller chickens), heavy birds (used for both meat and egg-laying) or smaller […]