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Why Choose Container Gardening?

Why choose container gardening? Container gardening has increased in popularity recently – but it is still not as popular as many other gardening methods. This is a bit of a mystery to me – since container gardening offers many advantages over traditional garden beds. One of the biggest benefits of growing your plants in containers is […]

Planning a Container Garden

The first thing you need to decide when planning a container garden is whether you’d prefer to grow your plants indoors or outdoors.  A lot of people think container gardening is only for indoor growing and patios, but containers can actually be useful for any garden situation. Containers are great for growing almost any type […]

Container Gardening – Choosing a Location

Container gardening allows you to choose a location for your garden that you might not otherwise have considered. The right location can mean success for your little garden – while the wrong location will lead to many problems and may even spell disaster for your container gardening efforts. Choosing a good location for your outdoor […]

Container Gardening – Choosing Plants

Container gardening is a fun and simple way to enjoy gardening – especially when it comes to choosing plants for your container garden. Some plants do well in containers, while others do not. You can grow a very wide variety of plants in containers as long as you choose your plants and containers carefully. Even […]

Container Gardening – Choosing Containers

Container gardening starts with choosing containers. Choosing the right container for a particular type of plant is critical to its success.  If you choose the wrong size pot, it could seriously stunt the growth of the plant.  You need to choose the right size of pot, but it’s almost as important to choose a container […]