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Why Would I Want Worms in My Kitchen?

Vermiposting is a nice way to say your worms are making manure, and it’s a great way to compost some of your table scraps and vegetable peelings.  Heck, the worms will even read your newspaper then eat it (well, that’s a stretch on the reading part.) Earthworms are good for the earth because they enrich […]

How to Compost Your Scraps

If you keep a garden, then you know how much “waste” you end up with by the time autumn rolls around.  There are the little plants you’ve thinned out, the pruning of your pumpkin plants that ran amuck, and the remains of the plants themselves after your successful harvest.  Then there are the grass clippings […]

Compost Tumblers Make Compost Easy

Compost tumblers take the backbreaking effort out of making compost. A traditional compost pile must be turned regularly so it will decompose evenly. With a compost tumbler, you can easily mix and turn the compost without the hard labor. You’ll also save a lot of effort by composting yard waste rather than bagging it up […]