Gardening the Easy Way

Gardening is supposed to be fun – so I work hard to find the best easy ways to garden. You’ll find articles here about container gardening, water gardening, raised bed gardens, square foot gardening, creating a butterfly garden, and other ways to garden it easy.

You’ll find plenty of ideas here whether you want to find ergonomic or adaptive gardening techniques to help easy the discomfort of gardening with arthritis or other physical issues, or whether you simply don’t have time to garden the hard way. These days no one has time or money to waste on old, inefficient ways to garden. No matter which methods you choose, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to make it easier and more economical to garden your way.

One method that is gaining popularity, again, is square foot gardening. This method is the ultimate in simple vegetable gardening. Basically, square foot gardening takes advantage of a rich soil mix to allow plants to grow closer together than the traditional row spacing in garden beds. Closer plants mean less weeding, less space needed to garden, and less hassle all around.

Getting started with square foot gardening will require a built or purchased raised bed garden frame. I found some very inexpensive ones at a local retailer. The next step is to fill the boxes with a good soil mix. The author of the first Square Foot Gardening book recommends a mix that is one third expanded vermiculite (a mineral), one third aged compost, and one third peat moss. Other authors give different “recipes” but the bottom line is the same – you want a rich, loose soil mix that will allow plants to grow roots rapidly and that will give them concentrated nutrition.

Finally, the bed is divided into 12 inch squares – and each square is planted on its own grid system. A tomato plant will get its own square, while carrots can fit 16 to a square foot and head lettuce can fit 4 plants per square. By planting just what is needed, there is less waste and less work thinning out the seedlings.

Whether you have a few pots on your patio, or an acre of land, there are ideas here to suite your gardening style. You’ll love the great gardening tips that will save you time and money – as well as effort. Then you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less time working in it. While you are at it, be sure to get a good barbeque grill so you can show off that great garden (and maybe even share some of those homegrown tomatoes!). The Weber Q 220 is a popular model for backyard grilling and for use at picnics, parks, tailgating events and camping.

We also have articles on container gardening and raised bed gardening – just two more ways you can garden it easy. Take some time to look around the site, there are plenty of informative gardening articles to get you started. After all, this is gardening the easy way.

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